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The challenges of staffing, particularly in the healthcare industry, have become much more complex. Healthcare facilities, government agencies, prisons, schools, and other organizations have an ever-growing need for qualified, reliable healthcare professionals. At the same time, employees are looking for more flexibility and control of their careers. Net Zero Staffing has become a leader in the development of a supplemental workforce that provides great medical staffing solution for the employer while meeting the needs of health professionals (employees).

Hospitals, clinics, home health care companies, acute care facilities, nursing homes, hospice agencies, physician practices, assisted living facilities, correctional facilities, outpatient surgery centers, pharmaceutical companies, schools, wellness centers, health care software companies, drug stores, government agencies, rapid response organizations, and various health care affiliate organizations of all sizes can all use our staffing services.

How Exactly Do Medical Staffing Service Work?

Today, there’s a massive shortage of qualified professionals in the health care industry in the US. As a result, you might be thinking about working with a reputable medical staffing company, such as Net Zero Staffing, to fill in vacant positions in your facility.

Now you may be wondering: How do medical staffing service work? How do they get paid? Why should you use a healthcare staffing agency instead of hiring your employees directly? Well, read on to learn more.

Here is a brief introduction to the world of healthcare staffing service.

  1. Connecting Employees and Employers

Healthcare staffing agencies use a massive workforce network to connect employees with the best professionals. We have a highly qualified and experienced team of recruiters whose purpose is to seek out the best healthcare talent across the country.

If you run a healthcare practice, you would probably rather spend your time, money, and energy taking care of your patients. You can trust our healthcare staffing agency to handle all your hiring for you. We can even go as far as interviewing applicants on your behalf, saving you more time and resources.

Remember our medical staffing company also work with employees who’re willing to relocate. Therefore, you can easily get the finest talent from anywhere and you are not limited to your local area.

  1. Screening Applicants

Healthcare staffing companies do a massive amount of screening for the applicants they work with. We will weed out the unsuitable ones before you ever even heard of them. Beyond looking at a basic resume, we may go as far as doing some background checks to get to know the applicant well.

Since a staffing agency does such thorough screening, you’re likely to get the best professionals for your positions. Beyond that type of screening, we can determine which applicants are the best for specific jobs.

  1. Recruiting Talent

Healthcare staffing agencies go out of their way to recruit top-notch talent around the country. The recruitment process can be costly and time-consuming. It might make a lot of financial sense to hire a staffing company to handle your recruiting needs.

We have large networks to find the top talents in the healthcare industry, and therefore, we will take advantage of them to get the best for you. That means we can find qualified staff in places you might not even think to look at.

  1. Filling Job Vacancies Quickly

Staffing agencies often have plenty of pre-vetted employees ready to go. That saves you valuable time searching for the right employee. We can send you somebody in a day or two.

Some healthcare staffing agencies specialize in last-minute placements. Is the flu making its way around your hospital? Net Zero Staffing can send you nurses and other medical staff to cover call-ins.

Being able to quickly fill a job vacancy is also handy when you lose an employee suddenly. Delays in hiring a replacement can put added stress on your existing staff. Prevent burnout among your staff by quickly filling those vacant positions with the help from a reliable healthcare staffing agency.

Medical Staffing Services

From extended block contracts and per diem shifts, to temporary and direct hire, we can help you to find qualified patient care attendants, nurses, and other healthcare professionals with a variety of skill sets.

If there’s a need for a nurse to fill the gap in a high-level specialty unit in a hospital, school, physician office, clinic, or long-term facility, Net Zero Staffing can provide the appropriate staff.

School Staffing 

Providing healthcare supportive personnel to students with disabilities has been recognized as a vital component in ensuring a free, and appropriate education. Full and part-time healthcare professionals help students with disabilities in special education classrooms, in-home and center-based facilities, and general education environments.

Let’s Work Together to Help You Meet Your Goals

We understand the importance of meeting the unique and complex staffing challenges that health service providers face. Through our medical staffing services, the need for medical secretaries, receptionists, call center staff, medical assistants, and other can be meet.

For over 20 years, Net Zero Staffing has partnered with many clients across the US to fill their medical staffing needs. We have been recruiting talented and qualified healthcare professionals to help our clients meet their core staffing needs.

Since then, we’ve successfully recruited and placed thousands of registered nationwide nurses, medical technologists, and physical and occupational therapists.

Quality Professionals Provided with No Up-Front Costs

Net Zero Staffing team manages every aspect of the process to deliver qualified, dedicated, and reputable professionals to our clients. That includes recruitment, licensing, credentialing, and training to be prepared to practice effectively in the US healthcare system.

Ongoing Support to Ensure Success

Net Zero Staffing comprises multiple teams of dedicated recruiters committed to supporting our clients and healthcare professionals to ensure success. Our account management and clinical liaison teams work with our client facilities to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship for healthcare professionals and clients.

We will work with you to understand the culture and practices at your facility and will integrate them into our orientation program to ensure the healthcare professionals we recruit understand your goals and expectations.

Our teams will continue to provide ongoing support to our clients and healthcare professionals for the duration of the assignment to ensure success.

Medical Staffing Solutions

Healthcare staffing solutions comprise many different service packages. From nursing staff solutions to doctors recruitment solutions and from part-time hiring to full-time hiring of employees, our medical staffing service covers all types of healthcare workforce needs.

Based on your needs, we can provide you with customized staffing solutions to ensure you achieve your goals in the recruitment process. To ensure the quality of staffing solutions we deliver, we will ask for a detailed list of requirements and the description of the job profile from you and work accordingly on the solutions.

At Net Zero Staffing, we prepare a solution delivery strategy in sync with your requirements. We work expeditiously to ensure efficient and effective delivery of quality staffing solutions that suit your needs.

Medical staffing companies provide many benefits to employers and job seekers. They act as a link or bridge between the two parties and connect them on common terms to ensure they achieve their goals.

Benefits of Working with a Medical Staffing Agency

If your hospital is a small or mid-sized facility, then your resources are much better utilized when working together with a staffing company instead of expanding your HR team. But what can a staffing company do for you and what benefits will it bring?

Without further ado, let’s now find out some of the benefits of hiring professional staffing services to fill up vacancies at your healthcare facility.

  1. Tools and Expertise

Nowadays, recruitment is no longer limited to job ads on and offline. There are platforms and tools that you can use to get the best in the industry. If you do not know how or are not sure where to look, though, you could miss it.

If you do not know where the candidates go to post their resumes or where they communicate, then you are left out of the conversation from the onset, leaving your competitors to scoop those candidates up.

Staffing agencies have the necessary tools and expertise to know where to go and what tools to use to communicate with potential candidates. They leverage those assets to help get the right professionals on board.

  1. Faster Results

With our tools ad industry expertise, we can come up with faster shortlists for you. If you need to fill up vacant positions that have been open for so long, then working with our staffing company is a brilliant and fulfilling move.

You will start going rounds of interviews in no time. With someone else handling the sourcing of the candidates, your team can focus on the interviews and choosing which of the candidates are a good fit.

  1. Less Stress

There is a lot that goes into the recruitment of health professionals, from connecting with potential candidates on LinkedIn and other online platforms to compiling their profiles, following up on them, and much more.

If you have a small recruitment team, then you will get swamped. Get a reliable and reputable staffing agency, such as Net Zero Staffing, to handle all that. That is going to mean less stress for you and your team and more time to review the roster of candidates and spend more time making careful hiring choices.

  1. High Standards

Do not settle for less just because you didn’t find the right candidates. Work with a staffing agency to find the candidates who meet your standards. Staffing companies have the skills and expertise to find candidates who’re uniquely suited for every position.

We can help you get the right personnel to move your healthcare facility forward. With qualified prospects, your organization will grow and succeed. That is the importance of partnering up with a staffing agency that can offer sound hiring solutions.

Looking for qualified, dedicated, and reputable professionals to fill up those vacant positions? Contact Net Zero Staffing today at (888) 800-3806 or fill out our online contact form to find out how we can improve your talent acquisition efforts.

What to Look For in a Medical Staffing Agency

There are hundreds of healthcare staffing agencies on the market today and they all want to work with you on your recruitment endeavors.

While hiring one of these companies is a no-brainer, given the intense competition for healthcare talent and the looming shortage of qualified professionals, finding the right staffing agency can be a challenge.

Picking the wrong one can stall your recruitment efforts at a time when every newly qualified professional is more important than ever before.

We have compiled some tips for choosing the right staffing agency to partner with to help staff up for the future state of healthcare. What are some of the questions to ask these companies and how will you choose one that delivers what they promise?

First, Reputation Matters

Healthcare providers now understand the competitive nature of the profession and how clients look closely at online reviews of their services – just like any other business.

Word-of-mouth reputation is also very important when you are recruiting a staffing firm to handle the recruitment exercise for your healthcare organization. That is why healthcare providers looking for a medical staffing agency should look closely at the quality of the partnerships the company has established in the market.

Take time to do some research online to determine what others had to say about your potential staffing companies. Get a list of client references from various staffing companies along with clinical preferences.

Ask hard questions to determine whether a medical staffing company will make the right partner. Vital questions include:

  • What is their average time to fill specific positions?
  • How does the agency train their recruiters?
  • What is their strategy for building a pipeline of potential talent for your organization?
  • What is their process? How do they screen candidates?
  • What is their bench strength and how many recruiters will work on your projects?
  • What will you receive for the cost?
  • What types of healthcare jobs do they have experience filling?
  • How will their technology benefit your candidate search process?
  • What other parts of the recruiting process can they handle? Will they provide benefits? Can they provide per diem or traveling teams?

But as you are considering the reputation of the company, consider if their brand fits within your own. Since a staffing agency is an extension of your healthcare facility, ask yourself if the representatives of the company you are engaging with will do a good job selling your organization to potential healthcare professionals.

One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing recruitment work to a medical staffing agency is that they spend all day working on the passive candidates you simply don’t have time to cultivate.

Given the historical record unemployment levels, nurturing relationships proactively by working with medical students and networking with clinicians who are currently employed, are essential value-adds that a staffing agency can provide.

When it comes to hiring a reputable and experienced medical staffing agency, choose Net Zero Staffing. We have a proven track record of success you are looking for. Call us now!

Partner With A Staffing Agency You Can Trust

As a national niche staffing firm, Net Zero Staffing can help you find the finest talents in the healthcare industry. Our primary goal is to ensure you get the best professionals to work in your healthcare facility. We deliver on our promises!

To learn more about the medical staffing services we offer, contact us today at (888) 800-3806

or make an inquiry through our online contact form.

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